Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Neuroses

There's something else that bugs me as much as not arranging things properly in the shopping cart and on the conveyor belt and in the car trunk, which I realized today while watching Jeopardy.

It bugs me when contestants don't select the "answers" in ascending dollar value order. In other words, they should start with the $100 answer in the category, then move to the $200 and so on and so forth. Contestants that start picking in the middle of the category or skipping around drive me nuts!

Okay, there's an exception: if time is running out and someone is trying to catch up, I can understand choosing the higher dollar values over the lower ones. But otherwise, everyone should pick in order!!

Okay, FAQ time:

Does that mean that at a buffet one should put salad on their plate first (and get soup if desired) and then go back for the main entrees after that?

Not necessarily, since many buffets put the salads at the front to act as decoys to make you too full to eat the good stuff. But all things being equal, if you plan on eating a mix of everything, then yes, you should start with the salads and then go back for the other stuff. Don't have a 12" high pile of food on your plate!!

Does that mean that when you play Monopoly, all of the properties have to be bought in order? If so, how do the railroads and utilities fit in?

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