Monday, May 3, 2010

Farm Fresh

Today (Sunday) we went to the Farmer's Market that got off the ground just a week ago to see what it was like. Each Friday night there is an arts and crafts fair combined with farmer's market along the main street but Sunday recently started up as an offshoot of that.

I was expecting rows of healthy-looking produce as well as other interesting food items but I guess due to the newness of it all there weren't that many booths.

And the products looked no better than what you could buy at a regular market, plus they were a lot more expensive. Some had signs saying they were "organic" but I am always wary because how do you really know, plus often "organic" often seems to be a euphemism for "battered and scratched up."

Someone was selling flavored oils which looked good, but were also too expensive. They came in tall but skinny bottles which to me made them look like they held more than they really did. It's like those experiments you used to do when you were little in which you poured water from a short, squat container into a tall, narrow one and lo and behold, they held equal amounts!

So we came back empty-handed.

Some people had an awful lot of produce on hand. It made me wonder what happens to all the stuff that they don't sell? Maybe that's why the price is so high. You're paying for what you buy plus what you don't buy. I bet they're all willing to wheel and deal with you but I'm not the type who likes to do that.

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