Sunday, May 9, 2010

Checkstand Wars

Today I did my usual morning Costco run and have not much new to report except that strawberries that were $4.99 for 4 pounds two weeks ago that went up to $5.99 last week were now $6.99 today. At least the ones today looked better than last week's, except the cheapest ones from two weeks ago were the best of them.

When I check out, my strategy is to always place the heaviest items on the belt first. That way, if they all jam up right before the register, the heavy items are in front, rather than being in the back crushing the lighter items.

That strategy doesn't take into account employees trying to be helpful by putting your items on the belt, however. To them, one item is no different than another so here I was rushing to put the heavy items on the belt before this woman could put the lighter items there. I guess I really ought to say "thank you but I can do this myself."

If the heavier items are being checked first then theoretically they should be the first ones loaded into the cart, as well (I always tell them I don't need a box). Theoretically. Some checkers or boxers do a better job than others. It drives me crazy when they put something in the cart sideways that ought to go in right side up. As I am walking towards the exit I always make sure to right that wrong as soon as possible.

The other thing that bugs me is when someone comes by and pre-checks your goods while they are in the basket so all the cashier has to do is swipe your card and everything is already rung up. That's a balancing act between the time saved waiting in line versus how they scan the item then just randomly put it back in the cart so that everything is all jumbled up.

I guess I need to realize that not everyone is as fanatical and neurotic as I am when it comes to arranging items in the cart. I wonder if most people even have any sort of method? They probably don't, which is why the checkers and other employees don't see any sort of order in there; it's just a bunch of stuff to deal with.


donna said...

Makes me wonder why you chose your profession? You are definitely crazy, Rickie!! You would go nuts if you went shopping with me... I don't care how it goes in the basket. Sometimes I put all the UPC's up so it's faster for them to scan. SO, my goods are upside down, sideways and every which way! Wish you were here every month to balance my checkbook. Although I know how you deal with yours, so I guess maybe not. Tell your Mom, Happy Mom's Day!

Rickie Miyake said...

Oh my, I am SURE I would go nuts if I went shopping with you! Don't you know that everything has a certain order to it? Same goes for putting it in the car, too!

donna said...

OMG, just throw it in wherever it falls... that's good enough. Just hope it doesn't fall out when you open the door. Not really... I have those recycle bags and stay cool bags that I pack when I get to the car.