Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Chance

I was really sad about missing the James Taylor / Carole King concert on Friday, and felt a real sense of loss about it. I guess I really shouldn't have watched the DVD of their Troubadour reunion concert because it just made me feel even sadder to have missed out on history. I mean, these are two artists that I absolutely love; there is no one I would rather see in concert and had I missed anyone else, it wouldn't have bothered me that much.

Today Mike, one of our sales managers who was fortunate enough to see them Thursday night pointed out that they were playing at the Honda Center in July, as well as in Santa Barbara.

I hadn't thought about that. Santa Barbara's concert is sold out, but there were still seats in the nosebleed section for the Anaheim gig in July. So... I ordered them. Factoring in the money lost on the missed Bowl concert, these are some expensive seats but for these two, it's worth it. Plus compared to the prices being charged for other concerts of MUCH LESSER acts, the price is downright reasonable.

So now we've been given another chance. I will just make sure to steer clear of the horribly mismanaged, totally inept Foothill Transit bus line and we should be okay.

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donna said...

That's good. At least they are local.