Monday, April 26, 2010

Waitng and Waiting..

Last year when Microsoft announced its upcoming release of Windows 7, I signed up on Amazon's preorder list and took advantage of the half-price offer. The product arrived promptly on the release date, back in October. I opened the box, put it on the shelf and that's where it had been sitting all this time.

Up until Saturday, that is. Finally, I decided it was time to install the upgrade. I'd been debating about whether to do a clean install or just upgrade over the existing operating system on my PC, which was Vista. Normally I would do a clean install but having heard from several people who said they just did the upgrade and it turned out fine, I decided that's what I would do. If for some reason it didn't turn out fine, then I'd just reformat the drive and do a clean install.

I even bought more RAM for the computer, to take it from 4GB to 8GB: two sticks of 4 GB RAM. I took out the old chips, put in the new, booted up the computer and .. it showed only 4 GB. One of them was broken? Or not installed correctly? I opened the case back up and checked but they looked okay so I removed one to see which one was bad. I booted up the computer and this time it only showed 2 GB of RAM.

After pulling out the manual I discovered that the motherboard could only recognize 2 GB of RAM per slot. Outdated already! So my getting a 4 GB stick of RAM was a futile effort. Also since I had bought the memory back in October there was no use trying to return it. I went back and put the other 4 GB stick in plus the other two older 2 GB sticks. That should give me 8 GB, right?

Nope, it only registers 6 GB. Well, that's good enough. If Windows 7 doesn't run right then I'll deal with it.

It was 3:00 when I finally clicked on the Install button for the upgrade. I'd read that the upgrade could take several hours so I was curious as to just how long it would take.

With the screen seemingly frozen doing "upgrading" at 6:00, we went to dinner. When we got back around 7:30, now the screen said that it was expanding Windows files (21%) but it had to gather more information before further expansion and so please wait.

At 8:00 it said the same thing. And at 9:00 and 10:00 and 11:00. Finally I went to bed with the screen looking the same as it did at 7:30. Could it possibly take this long??? And still at 21%???

You can guess what the first thing I did was after getting out of bed on Sunday. I went to look at the monitor and.. Windows 7 was now installed!! So sometime during the night it finished. I couldn't believe it would take that long.

I don't know if any of you have tried doing the same upgrade, but if you did, leave a comment about your experience. I think Microsoft ought to give you some an idea of what they mean by "several hours."

All seems to be working well now. Aside from the taskbar appearance, it doesn't seem to be all that different from Vista, but this is only day 1 as I type this so we'll have to see what happens. If there are any problems I will le

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