Friday, April 9, 2010


I was on the phone with a coworker who works from her house. I asked her something and she paused briefly.

Coworker: Oh, excuse me, I just ate a strawberry.

Me: Was it sweet?

Coworker: (pausing again at the unexpected question) Why no, now that you ask, it isn't!

Me: Where did you get it?

Coworker: My dad brought them over. He got them somewhere.

Me: Julie brought some strawberries the other day and they weren't sweet either.

Coworker: It's like every 5th one is sort of sweet or just a little bit sweet. I cut them in half and when I find one that has some sweetness to it, then I go looking for the other half..These have no taste!

Me: Are yours red?

Coworker: Yes.

Me: The ones we got were nice and red and looked really good, like they were ripe. But when I tried them they were awful! Like cardboard. She bought them at Ralphs.

Coworker: I don't know where my dad bought these but I guess I can put them in yogurt or eat them with ice cream. I was going to add sugar but then that sort of defeats the purpose of eating fruit..

Me: I can't believe these strawberries are so bad. And they look so good. That's really misleading! Julie said not to throw them away because she'd eat them. Put them in yogurt, like what you said.

I couldn't believe it. Those strawberries looked like they were going to be delicious. But when I bit into one, I thought my tastebuds weren't functioning. Then I thought maybe this was an exception so I tried another one. Same thing. This was as bad as buying a tomato from the store! But at least tomatoes aren't deceiving. You know when you buy something that has an orange, doused with radiation look that it isn't going to taste very good, and you'd be right. But when you buy something that looks ripe, you would expect it to taste ripe!

And isn't it supposed to be strawberry season right now?

That's my slice of life for today.. which hopefully is sweeter than those strawberries.


Anonymous said...

Another April without good strawberries. There was once a fruit stand near our church that sold strawberries that were so good that Huell Howswer did a Visiting episode on them. The owners would bring strawberries for the breakfast that the church served on Easter Sunday. Biting into one of those was like being socked in the mouth with a flavor punch. I remember telling the kids one year that we had to get going or we would miss out on the strawberries. Everyone was in the car in two minutes. That place on Harbor Blvd next to Disneyland was also pretty good. Not only did he grow strawberries, all of his kids have either PHD or MD behind their names. There was a nice field with a stand next to Fullerton airport. All three places are gone now. Fighting Disneyland and Anaheim must have taken a lot out of that Japanese man as I no longer see the fruit stand being run. The city of Buena Park bought up the Fullerton Airport stand and put up a multimillion dollar ramp to a new fruit seller station. They must buy their fruit from Sam's Club. We have 4 baskets on the kitchen counter going soft. They are nice and red and will be thrown out.

Rickie Miyake said...

A good strawberry is such a joy! Just like a ripe peach. Or any ripe fruit, I suppose. I just didn't think that strawberries could go the way of store-bought tomatoes.