Friday, April 23, 2010


I used to be a member of Classmates because one time they offered some special promotional rate that was like half price and I figured what the heck, it is cheap enough to join and then see all these things in the site that you have to be a member to see.

After my one year was up I didn't renew because all those things that you have to pay to see aren't worth paying to see.

But they still have me on the mailing list so at least once a week I get some tantalizing tidbit about so-and-so updated this or joined this or said this or whatever, and sometimes I will click the link to see who they are talking about.

The other day I did just that - clicked the link, and saw a name I recognized, first name Vicky. I didn't know her as she was two years younger than me, but I knew who she was. That got me thinking, there are lots of people that were at my schools that I didn't know, but I know who they are - I would recognize the name and/or the picture (then, not now.. like I would never recognize Vicky but that's partly because I don't remember what she looked like back then, either).

So I wonder how many people that I didn't know from school know who I am? It kind of surprises me when someone tells me that they ran into so-and-so and they remember me, because I didn't think they would.

On the other hand, I guess I should realize that no matter what, people are constantly checking each other out. We just don't know it because they are so sly about it. Guys all know who the girls are in the school even if they've never talked to them before.. (or at least all the "fine" ones, haha). That sort of goes back to my post from long time ago on how my friend JT was nuts about this 9th grader when we were lowly 7th graders. We sure knew who she was! But I doubt it was vice versa.

Hey, I haven't posted a YouTube in a while so here's one that's totally relevant to today's post for you:


Anonymous said...

I remember Vickie. Can you fill in the blanks on what happened to her? Or is that a Classmates teaser where you can't contact unless you sign up for another year?

Rickie Miyake said...

This isn't the Vicky who was in our class; this one is Uyemura, who was in the class of '74. There's a current picture of her and also a Q&A in which she says she gets paid to sit in a cubicle and stare at a computer, haha.. well, I guess this is all public so you can go there and search on her name to see what else is there.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rickie.