Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live Chat

I am seeing more and more of those online store sites that have a "live chat" feature in which you can either call and talk with an operator standing by to help you with your product selection, or you can type in your question and begin an online chat session.

Almost always, the invitation has a picture of an attractive young female, usually wearing a headset, just waiting for you to call or type your message to engage her in product conversation.

But do they really look like that? Who knows what lies on the other end of the computer or phone line. Of course, not that it really matters. At least today I saw what I felt was an honest picture:

I think this is an actual employee of the company (happens to be Parts Express).

How often does the person at the other end of the line actually match up with the impression you get from hearing their voice? Or reading their e-mails?


kmiyake said...

have you heard of chat roulette?

Anonymous said...

The SO dropped her phone and broke it. The Verizon Wireless chat was very informative. The DealExtreme website has photos of some customer service hotties. Their live chat never works and their email response takes 4 weeks per cycle. The customer cannot initiate the conversation so I came to the conclusion that I would rather deal with an competent person than a hot chick. After 4 threads on their product and feedback forums they responded this week to an inquiry over a product I shipped back to them in January.

Rickie Miyake said...

K - never heard of chat roulette but I can guess what it does. Sounds pretty bizarre to me.. not something I hope you engage in!

Anon - you know who has really lousy response/service? Ahead/Nero. I remember sending a product inquiry to them and by the time they responded I forgot I had even sent them anything. Now, you would sort of expect that if you were writing with some support issue since so many companies have lousy support, but I was writing with a sales inquiry. I guess they don't care much about selling you anything. So you are saying that hotties exist in places other than The Bachelor show?