Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let Jack Do It

Just wanted to let you know that this Friday you can get a free, no strings attached small order of french fries at Jack in the Box. He calls them his "new" fries that are crispy and golden so I suppose they are not the same as what they are selling now, which aren't bad but are no match for McD's fries.

McD's web site and commercials are no match for Jack's, though. Have you been to the JITB web site lately? It's pretty clever, if you ask me.

And, you can visit Jack's office, too (note: before you click on that link I just put there, be aware that he starts talking to you so if you are reading this at work when you aren't supposed to, turn off your sound.. but then if you turn off your sound there's no point in visiting Jack's office because you won't be able to hear what he is saying).

Did you know that you can have Jack make a phone call for you? Like call in sick or do some other task over the phone? I'm serious - go over to his office web site and he'll explain how to do it (assuming you sign the disclaimer).

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