Saturday, April 24, 2010


Well folks, I am ashamed to tell you that today I compromised my principles and did something I said I would never do.

I ordered Avatar on Blu Ray from Amazon.

All of the clips and previews I have seen look really stupid. I had no desire to see the movie. I don't like James Cameron because he is an egomaniac and why should I put another penny in his pocket.

Katie saw it and said the plot was predictable and dumb, but the scenery and effects were spectacular. Julie's brother and his wife raved about it - well actually, raved about the scenery in 3D. They said if it wasn't in 3D it wasn't worth seeing, so that told me right there that the movie couldn't possibly be that good.

But yet I ordered it today.

Now why did I do that? The review at went along with everyone else and said the storyline and acting were poor. But it also raved about the video and audio quality of the movie, saying it was jaw dropping and had raised the bar for home theater video. That's why I bought it - like any audiophile, I can't pass up the opportunity to try something that is supposed to be that incredible, just to see how it looks and sounds on my own system. I don't care how good it looked or sounded in the theater, I just want to try it out at home.

Many are complaining that this version is just a teaser because it is not in 3D and has no supplemental material, just the movie; they're saying the studio is milking it for all its worth because they will release a more deluxe edition down the line, and then the 3D version, making you spend more and more money. I could care less about extras or 3D - I just want to sample the movie itself!

But I still think the characters and the plot seem stupid.

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Anonymous said...

Completely agree. Someone left a bootleg 2D at our house after staying during the Christmas Holidays. I watch it once and forgot about it.