Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three Eyes

Well here is my latest purchase:

Oh my, isn't that sad? Yup, it is getting harder and harder to read small print. I used to just take off my glasses and focusing would be no problem but these days it gets harder and harder.

So when we went to Wal Mart the other day, I headed over to the school supplies section to look for a magnifying glass. I knew I could count on them to have one. Actually it is not a magnifying glass, it is a magnifying plastic but it does the job.

I bought a couple of electronic chips recently and the print on them was so tiny and faint that I simply could not read them. I figured a magnifying glass is something that is always good to have on hand.

At least I haven't had to start ordering large-print versions of books yet. Or loud-sound versions of CD's. Or large-picture versions of DVD's.

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Elisabeth L. Uyeda said...

I just took inventory around our house: I have 2 pairs of reading glasses downstairs; 1 magnifying glass; 1 pair reading glasses upstairs; 1 magnifying glass upstairs; 1 pair progressives in my purse; 2 pairs reading glasses at work; oh, and i just checked out a book from the library tonight: yeah, it's in BIG PRINT!