Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Speed Racer

Today I was looking at the internet plans that U-Verse offers because I was thinking Charter charges too much and even if I don't switch I could threaten to and maybe they'd lower the rate.

U-Verse's fastest connection is 18 Mb/s, which is a very fast download time. Then I remembered the Speedtest website, where you can click a button and measure the speed of your internet connection. I figured I would see what sort of speed I was getting from Charter. Here's a screen print of the result:

Whoa! 29 Mb/s?? That's pretty darn fast! I notice that my connection times are much faster at home than at work, so I guess that explains why. I decided to just leave well enough alone and stick with Charter.


donna said...

Holy crap that's fast. I don't know how much you have to pay, but it's well worth it. I'm too embarrassed to tell you our speed... disgusting.
I pay for it too!

Rickie Miyake said...

I was sure surprised! Thankfully since I work from home the company pays for it.. so I decided to put up a poll to see what speeds the readers of this blog are getting. See the March 18 post and then cast your vote!

Anonymous said...

That really is fast.

I have some questions.
Did you clear out your cache?
What bit rate are you paying for?

I had cable for a while and it was like a Ferrari on bad gas. It would go like all get out but sputter to a halt and even time out accessing pages. The better half said that DSL seemed faster. Once the download/upload started it would kick but until then... It seemed the speed tests would not start until the data started loading. The process seemed related to the ping. They say Uverse is better than FiOS in that they use mirrors to direct the link directly to your house. FiOS uses sharing like a cable. Everyone's info is put down the same tube.

I ordered FiOS 26 months ago. Verizon eventually delivered 15 months ago and I have not had any glitches. I have never reset the system and never had a an outage.

Rickie Miyake said...

Nope, didn't even think about clearing out the cache or anything. Just ran the test. Charter keeps changing their programs around but last I know, the download speed was supposed to be 10Mb/s, or at least that's the program I am signed up for.

I don't think we have FIOS available because we haven't been bombarded with neighborhood ads for it yet. But for sure we have Uverse available because we are constantly getting stuff in the mail from them.