Friday, March 19, 2010


I don't know why, but some things really, really irk me. I think it has to do with people trying to take more than their share.

That's how I felt when I read an article in today's (Thursday) L.A. Times about a man who tackled a would-be bank robber, thus thwarting the attempt, but got shot in the thigh while doing so.

The bank sent him flowers, an invitation to lunch, and made an offer to pay for the medical bills incurred as a result of his injury. He says that isn't enough, and has hired an attorney to sue the bank for negligence. He says he should get some sort of reward for what he did, and the bank was negligent with respect to keeping its customers safe because the security guard was in the parking lot at the time the attempted robbery took place.

Who asked this guy to be a hero? Is the bank liable because he was stupid enough to endanger his life and those of the other customers and bank employees because of his actions? And last I looked, most banks have a security guard who patrols not only the inside of the bank, but the parking lot as well.

Had something happened to a customer in the parking lot, should the bank be sued because the guard was inside watching that part of the bank?

It's like if I give you a donut, which you didn't ask for, then I demand that you pay me $25 for it.

I got so mad I sent an e-mail to the reporter. And when I think about it, it gets me mad again so I just had to write about it on this blog, too!


Anonymous said...

B4 wife,house and kids I was minding my own bees wax at a laundromat in Claremont. I'm chatting up this cute single thing and rolling quarters to further air dry my laundry. Hey, if you cool down the clothes real good they will not wrinkle on the way home. Cops close down the alley and there are cops in the driveway. I ask what happened and was told that the Bank of Aardvarks had been robbed. Humm... let me think. This guy had come in a few minutes ago and sat down. He could not be waiting for his laundry as this girl and I had been talking for over an hour. I tell the girl to leave quietly and then go up to the cop in the business suit. My thinking is that if he knows how to tie a Windsor I won't have to repeat myself 4 times. I finger the dude in the laundromat. He's busted. A few months later I am ordered to appear in court. I am identified by name and address and get a really ugly look from the perp. I miss out on a day's wages and don't even get to meet the girl again. No flowers, no pay, no lunch, no girl; I should have sued.

Rickie Miyake said...

They revealed your name and address in the courtroom?? Seems to me that would sure discourage anyone from wanting to testify or press charges. Now you don't really think you should have gotten a reward, do you?