Monday, March 22, 2010

Historic Day?

I see that the historic health care bill was passed today. I haven't paid that much attention to it because I figure it doesn't matter how much attention I pay, the bill is the bill and if it passes, it passes.

What does concern me, however, is it is sad that the true problem has not been, nor probably ever will be rectified. The real problem, and why we have such a mess in our health care system is pure and simple: greed. And because of greed, the costs of obtaining health care in this country are very high. So no matter what sort of solution is proposed, it is not going to work unless the solution is to lower the costs of health care. One way or another, these astronomical costs have to be covered, whether by you or me or someone else - they have to be covered.

What causes health care costs to skyrocket? All the people along the feeding chain who put their hands out - attorneys, doctors, insurance companies and patients who take advantage of the system. The problem is, you are never going to be able to do anything about the attorneys, doctors or insurance companies because they are the ones greasing the palms of the politicians who pass the laws. And as long as each member of this evil axis gets rich, they could care less what the other two members do. And there will never be a shortage of patients who take advantage of the system as long as the members of the evil axis continue creating loopholes and other opportunities to be taken advantage of.

I'm not saying all attorneys or doctors or insurance companies are bad, but there are far too many greedy people within each group and they operate within a system that encourages this to continue. What politician is going to bite the hand that feeds them? The politician who resists corruption and puts the interest of the country ahead of his or her own interests when the two do not coincide only exists in the movies.

That means costs are going to continue spiraling upwards. That means the problem is never going to end because someone has to pay these costs. And these "someones" do not have enough money to pay them. It is as simple as that. Until you address this real issue, all you are doing is shifting the burden from one sector to another but it never goes away.

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