Saturday, March 13, 2010

First In Line

I don't have much to report about my weekly Costco visit, only this: my normal routine is to stop at their gas station and fill up the car (no matter how little gas is needed; since I'm there I might as well take advantage). By the time I finish with that, it is usually a few minutes before the 9:30 opening time.

Today I parked the car at 9:26 and noticed that there wasn't the usual line of people crowded at the door to get in. In fact, there wasn't anyone. I wondered if they had changed the time they open.

I decided to get out and get a good place in line - well actually, a good position since there was no line. Apparently a few others had the same idea because by the time I pulled out a shopping cart and got to the door, there was someone in front of me.

As I stood there waiting for the door to open I thought, "wow, what a luxury, here I am way up in the front of the line. No waiting!" By that time a lot more people had gathered but they were all behind me. Haha, isn't it funny what things we value in life..

That made me think back to the one and only time when I had front row seats for an event - way back in college days. Amy and I went to the ice capades. Or at least I think it was the ice capades. Or some show on ice. Or maybe it was the circus? That was so long ago.. well, anyway it was something where there were a bunch of people and the show took place in the middle of the arena which was either the Forum or the Sports Arena. Gee, now you are probably thinking maybe this never even happened and I am imagining it.

But whatever it was, we did have front row seats! When the show was over, the skaters came over and shook hands with all of us lucky folks in the front row. Made us feel kind of important. Well, there's really no point to this except that I happened to think about it after this morning's rare occurrence of being nearly at the front of the line at Costco. Some advice: do not attempt this at Wal Mart on Black Friday.


Anonymous said...

Our Costco does not have a line. Its 4 traffic lights away in the OC and usually does not have a line. There may be a line when the tanker is making a delivery so I get gas after shopping. I got gas today on a Friday evening and simply picked a line where the pump is on the right, even though the filler is on the left on all of our cars. I guess that is the case for most people. There are lines for that lane. Never for me though. I use the premium pass to get in an hour early and have actually waited for them to open but generally there are business owners just standing around with their flat carts. Never a line. On check out there is never more than three people in line so really you walk up and start loading your goods on the belt. If there are more, the manager breaks out the hand scanner. I hope they don't close my Costco.

I know you are going to say you hate me. Oh well.

Rickie Miyake said...

My car has the gas cap is on the passenger side. Lines (if any) are indeed much shorter because people are either too lazy or stupid to realize the hose stretches across the car so it doesn't matter which side of the pump you are on. And since I always go to Costco on Saturdays, there is no advantage to having an Executive Membership.. unfortunately. At least the lines are not very long at all first thing in the morning! Only drawback is there are usually no food sample tables set up yet.