Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other day I mentioned how amazed I was at the download speed of my ISP, and then posted a poll asking for responses as to how fast your ISP was. Well, the response was as apathetic as a typical election, with only four votes cast.

Of those four, one person had speeds between 15-20 Mb/s, two had speeds between 10-15 Mb/s, and one poor soul (is that you, Donna?) had speeds less than 3 Mb/s. That last one has got to be a DSL speed! Well, I guess we should all consider ourselves fortunate because we should remember back in the day when 56K modems were supposed to offer blazing fast connections.

Today at work I thought I would try the Speedtest to see how fast our connection is. Here is the result:

Just as I suspected. Our internet connection at work is pathetic. No wonder pages take so long to load and half the time don't even load completely. Maybe it is because everyone is surfing when they're supposed to be working? For whatever reason, that's pretty sad when my home connection is about 10x faster than work but I am sure we are paying tons more for the work connection.

I think what is needed is to add something like a flex capacitor to it.

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donna said...

Yes, that would be me... We are at the tail-end of the tower and U-Verse is still not available. Cable is not an option so we stick with DSL which is still very cheap. It's not like we download that much stuff, but when I buy movies from iTunes.... holy cow, takes forever.