Friday, February 26, 2010

Slow Week

There hasn't really been much that's blogworthy this week. Yes, I know that hasn't deterred me in the past but it's been busy so I can use the rest. Just a couple of things..

I was really rooting for Mirai Nagasu since she's a local girl in Arcadia, the city next door. Julie and I have been to Kiyosuzu, her family restaurant, several times so it makes it kind of neat that she did so well in her Olympic debut.

The restaurant itself serves good food, in case any of you ever want to check it out. It's on Baldwin Avenue just north of Duarte Road, and south of Huntington Drive. They have the absolute best Chicken Katsu I have ever tried - perfect crust and really tender, juicy chicken! Not at all greasy, either. This isn't supposed to be a food review column but I just had to add that because they really do make the perfect Chicken Katsu.

We haven't been there in a while, though. Unless you go early it gets really crowded and the tables are very close together in the small space. It isn't a place for lingering - you go for the food, which is very good.

Continuing on in the food vein, chicken in particular, I just thought I would mention that everything is now all over and done with my little skirmish with Koo Koo Roo.

In case you were wondering, they did contact me via e-mail, and I wound up getting a $200 gift card as a result. If you ask me, that's very fair and I am happy. I think it is a better deal than the official contest winners got because unlike their prize, which was a whole year of free meals but limited to one per week and $10 per visit, the gift card has no visit limit or expiration date. I mean, how much chicken can you realistically eat? I wouldn't go every week. And if I had a guest, that would easily run over the $10 limit.

I guess I could have held out for more, but I would have felt very guilty if I did.. so I "caved," haha.. I even feel guilty accepting what I did, but on the other hand I suppose had they still not contacted me I would be upset. But now it's all under the bridge - the guy who contacted me was very nice and like I said, I'm happy!

And that's what is happening.. like I said, not a very blogworthy week.

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Anonymous said...

I hereby retract the comment about caving.

You won.