Friday, February 19, 2010


Well I am happy to report my little skirmish with Koo Koo Roo is now over and everything is fine and dandy.

I received an e-mail from Alan, their VP of Operations yesterday, asking for a number where he could contact me to chat about the situation. I wrote back with my work number, he called a little bit after that and we did indeed have a good chat. Nice guy.

Apparently he and Cathy, the woman I had written my original e-mails to, weren't aware of the web site I had set up, nor that there was now a Facebook character named Roosevelt Clucksworth. I told him I'd turn all that over to him and send him the passwords to access the pages, etc.

As far as the contest results -- he said, and rightly so, that it was meant to be a fun thing and that he and his cohort Cathy had some lengthy discussions on what to do about my claim to fame. I think he was sort of waiting to get an idea of what I was expecting but to tell you the truth, by now I was no longer upset and thought the whole thing was pretty funny so I wasn't expecting anything.

He wound up saying he would send me a gift card for what I thought was a more than fair amount so I'm happy, and he seemed to be happy and so here we are with a happy ending. I went back and modified the web page I did and also changed the Facebook page.

Yesterday I told you about my review of that mediocre book I received from the Amazon Vine program. Before I edited it to complain about the fanboys and fangirls giving out "unhelpful" votes to unfavorable reviews, I had zero helpful and 4 unhelpful votes. Now there are 3 helpful and 8 unhelpful. But no one dared write a comment for fear of receiving my scathing retort, haha.. That book really is a mess. I'm not kidding.

And today was another Vine offering. Pickings were slim. I ended up sending for a set of 4 pliers.

Today's YouTube really doesn't have much to do with anything but I love this scene. It's only 11 seconds, so watch it!


donna said...

Hey pretty cool. Glad you got something out of it. BUT, you won't get any ink out of it, I presume. Oh well, at least you get some chicken.

Anonymous said...

Me thinks you caved.

As long as you're happy, that is all that matters.