Thursday, February 11, 2010

Move Along

Well so far as of right now 35 people have voted in my Clucksworth poll, of which 4 people are retarded and said they don't feel I have a valid case, haha.. just kidding. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if I am wrong, I am wrong. But 31 out of 35 think I am right.

That's just 35 people, however. I am quite disappointed that the number of votes was so small.

There's better things to do in life so I plan to move on shortly. There are a couple of other things I have to do first, which I will tell you about after the fact but it should be over and done by the end of this week and then like I said, it's time to move along.

Actually I think I have a short attention span. I think of something that sounds like a good idea but then something else comes along so I change directions. Like the next idea I have, which I am keeping under wraps for now but you'll find out about later.

If you voted in my poll, I give you my most heartfelt thanks. If you didn't, well, I am disappointed but that's up to you.

Time to move along..

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