Thursday, February 18, 2010

Helpful / Not Helpful

One of the items I chose to review for the Amazon Vine program last month was this book:

After reading several pages I concluded this was not a very good book. Rather than explain why, you can go to the product page and read what I had to say and what others had to say as well by clicking here.

What I noticed when looking at the reviews, mine included, was that the positive reviews garnered more "helpful" votes from customers and the negative reviews, or the ones with fewer stars, garnered more "unhelpful" votes.

Positive or negative, most of the reviews made valid points and what irked me is that just because someone didn't like the book, other visitors to the page found these reviews unhelpful. It kind of made me think the author's groupies were patrolling the page, dinging anyone who dared make an unfavorable comment.

So I edited my own review and made a comment about this, hoping to stir things up and get people to flame me but looks like nothing happened along those lines. That's a personal peeve of mine, how people judge a review not by its content but by whether or not they agree with it. Yeah, I guess I just can't leave well enough alone, haha.. but if you tell me I like to argue, I will tell you no, I don't.

Let me tell you, everything I wrote is the way it is. Other reviewers saw the same faults. This book simply ain't worth reading.

On another note, today I made peace with Koo Koo Roo but I already wrote enough for today so I'll provide more details in the next exciting episode of this blog.

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