Sunday, February 14, 2010

Follow Up

Since there really wasn't anything exciting to report from my normal Saturday Costco visit (except they were giving out samples of Mexican food and the pollo asado was very good so I bought a package), I'll just update you on the status of Roosevelt.

As of right now he has twenty-eight (yes, 28) Facebook friends! One person even thanked me for friending him up. I think that is pretty funny. You know, I could really go much farther than I have, but I don't consider myself to be a vengeful person. At least not after I've had some time to cool down about stuff so I'm just going to lie low and see how this all plays out.

Click on the pictures for a larger version. Oh, and go send a friend request to Roosevelt. I am sure he'd be happy to add another friend to his page!

(Ignore the video portion of today's YouTube.. well, you don't have to ignore it but it is posted for the music, not video portion. This was the only one I could find with this song) - Happy Valentine's Day!

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