Sunday, February 7, 2010


Whew, been so busy lately - no time to post any blog entries!

Be on the lookout for an announcement coming soon - I will be enlisting your help in a campaign to right the wrong I wrote about several days ago - about a certain contest in which my correspondence is apparently being snubbed.

So watch for my grass roots, free range, grain fed campaign to begin very soon!

Meanwhile, here's a joke someone told me the other day.

A farmer friend had always told me about a pig of his named Henrietta. From the very first day he saw the pig, he knew she was something special. He told me the first amazing incident:

"One day my daughter was playing in the backyard when somehow she got through the fence and ran into the street. Henrietta saw her, ran out to the street pronto, grabbed the girl and dragged her back to the sidewalk just as a car nearly hit her! She was safe and sound, just shaken up a bit. Henrietta saved her life!"

"Wow, that pig is really special," I said.

"That's not all," he told me. "One night when we were all asleep, a burglar broke into the house. He was gathering up all our valuables when Henrietta started squealing real loud. She managed to push open the door, tackled the burglar and kept him down on the ground until the police came."

"Really? Unbelievable!" I exclaimed.

"Believe it!" my farmer friend declared.

"Then there was the time the missus had something boiling on the stove and forgot all about it. The whole thing caught on fire. Henrietta got hold of the hose, turned on the water, carried it into the house in her mouth and sprayed the fire and put it out!."

"Totally amazing," I told him, shaking my head.

The next time I visited the farmer, I pulled up in the driveway and Henrietta came running out to meet me. Except she was dragging herself along with her two front legs because her back legs were missing.

"What happened to Henrietta?" I asked the farmer, very concerned.

"Well when you have a pig this special, you don't eat her all at one time."


donna said...

That's disgusting, Rickie.

Anonymous said...

I was watching a DVD of Northern Exposure last week. Holling tells that one.