Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Big Boy

Today I will turn from blogging about chickens, like in my last post, to burgers.

I found out that the Baja Fresh location in Pasadena at the corner of Del Mar and Lake Avenue is no longer a Baja Fresh but a... Bob's Big Boy! Oh my, I thought those had disappeared long ago.

I remember Bob's on La Cienega was our late-night rendezvous and hang out back in high school and early college days. We sure consumed a lot of their Big Boy burgers and fries even though the food was no better than mediocre. At least it wasn't too expensive. I think it was around $1.00 for their combo, including a side salad.

There's an incomplete web site you can look at; the food doesn't look very appetizing in the pictures (although yup, that is definitely the same hamburger from the old days.. gee maybe it is literally the same hamburger) and the menu only has breakfast items as of my writing this. Most of the links don't even work yet. Apparently Bob's is now a franchise opportunity. Maybe it always was, but I thought back in the day when there were lots of them around that it was a corporate venture. Oh well, what did I know - I was just a high school kid. It looks like now they're trying to make a comeback by offering new franchises.

If the food is the same, it seems they will have to rely on nostalgia to bring in customers because it sure isn't going to be the food that does it, haha..

Okay, now back to chicken -- if you haven't already voted in the previous blog post's poll, please take a moment to do so now. I still haven't gotten any response from the Koo Koo people and that don't seem right to me... They think they are roadrunner playing around with coyote or something. I hope I don't have to resort to going Crenshaw on them..

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