Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today I was looking at the postings on Facebook and came across an announcement that a couple of my FB buddies from high school had become friends with another alumnus. She used to be my chemistry lab partner in Mr. Soloff's class way back in the 11th grade.

I clicked on her name to look at her page and there she was. And I found out she's a Harvard Law School graduate and now has her own law practice.

I think that's great - I'm really happy for her. Back in chem class I would never have thought she would wind up being an attorney. She just didn't seem the type (forgive my stereotyping...). She was a really nice person and didn't really say too much. Through the years I've wondered what happened to her so it was nice to run across her on FB and find out that she has done very well for herself.

It just goes to show what you can do if you apply yourself.

Okay that's all for now.. I'm super busy and have some work work to do but I wanted to write the above short entry for today.

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Anonymous said...

What a tease. Who was she? Remember the girl in the chiffon dress that caught fire in Soloff's.

I taught chemistry for 5 years and would think back to how Lennie would explain things. Later on I had long conversations with the man that mentored him.