Saturday, February 13, 2010

500th Post

Hey, this is the 500th post on this blog! So what am I going to write about on this momentous occasion?

About my ongoing bout with a certain Southern California fast-food chicken chain, that's what. In my previous post I said it is time to move on, and it is. So these are my parting shots.

What I did just a few minutes ago was to go to the Facebook fan page for that certain restaurant chain, under my alter ego name, half of which was submitted by me as part of their contest to name their cartoon mascot but for which they have not had the decency to acknowledge me. I sent friend requests from this alter ego to the 190+ fans on that page.

Amazingly, within only a few minutes, FIVE people responded and accepted my request. It has now been about 10 or 15 minutes since I punched the last "send" button and there are now SEVEN people who have become friends with my alter ego buddy. I guess people must not be very discriminating, haha.. and on a Friday night no less.

Okay, now let me say this:

I really do not care about winning any prize. The chicken is very good as is the rest of their food. But winning 52 weeks of free chicken ($10 limit per week) is overkill; I imagine I would use only a fraction of the prize.

What bugs me is how I was ignored by both the Senior Brand Director and the Vice President of Operations. I sent e-mails to them both, and heard nothing at all from either one. That smacks of just plain rudeness and a total lack of professionalism. I feel I have a valid claim to a share of the winning name and so do a majority of persons who voted in the poll on the web page I set up. Let me also add that I did not vote, nor did I encourage people to vote in my favor. I simply wanted them to vote. If it turned out I was wrong, then so be it but most people feel I have a legit beef with the chicken people.

Yes, it was just plain chicken to ignore me. How much would it have cost if they awarded me a share of the prize? At the most, $520. That's if I ate every single week. Even then, their actual cost would have been less since $520 is the retail price of the prize, not their cost.

Like I said, I don't care about winning any prize. I thought it was low class not to respond to me so I went ahead and did something about it in what I thought was a way that added some humor to the situation. At their expense, of course, for being so chicken about it - pun intended. I hope the new Facebook friends of Mr. Clucksworth get a kick out of it.

Now as I close this, there's a total of NINE friends.

As Forrest Gump would say, that's all I've got to say about that.

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