Sunday, January 10, 2010

Saturday the 9th

Today it was back to the traditional: morning visit to my favorite store, Costco! I did manage to keep it under $100. Sorry, no pictures today.

There were a couple of disappointments. One, they had no Honeycrisp apples! I had to settle for the Fuji variety. Now it used to be that Fuji's were my favorite, but after tasting the Honeycrisp kind, those were even better and I got spoiled. But yes they had no Honeycrisps today.

I'd heard Costco was putting out their own Kirkland brand of pulled pork, which was supposed to be in the stores this week. I had eagerly put that on the shopping list and went up and down the aisles looking for it but I didn't see it. I asked the woman who was stocking the refrigerated items if they had it and she said no, it hadn't come in yet!!! Life is cruel. That was disappointment number two.

Today for lunch we ate at what has become our main hamburger joint, T-Burgers in Monrovia. Trying to avoid beef, I ordered a chicken soft taco and Julie and I split an order of fries (she had an egg sandwich). We like the food there, and the place itself is clean, with an airy feel because of lots of window space.

For dinner we took a trip out to the west side of town and ate at 2117, a Japanese-French fusion place in the Sawtelle district (the name is the address). That's where we had our first date many moons ago, too. The food was good; Julie had Kurobata roast pork and I had a peppered salmon dish. I have to say though, examining it with a critical lens, the pork was a bit on the tough side from the sample I had, and the flavors in the sauce for the salmon could have blended better. The balsalmic stood out too much. It was still a good dinner, mind you, but those are the two things I noticed.

Now, in terms of the satisfaction meter, I was thinking about how I would rate these two meals. Dinner was obviously fancier (and more expensive) than lunch, but was one more enjoyable than the other? There's a place for both, I'd say. The taco and the fries were mighty tasty, plus the place itself is so informal and comfortable. 2117 is also a fairly informal place, far from stuffy, but of course it is still formal compared to T-Burgers and you can't just sit there and make a pig of yourself, haha. I think what is great is being able to partake of both in the same day!

Oh by the way, in case any of you were wondering what was with the perhaps cryptic Youtube from yesterday with no accompanying text, maybe if I tell you that it was a birthday dinner at 2117 tonight that will shed some light on things.

Here's a present I got, something I had on my Amazon wish list. Does anyone remember this movie? I always got a kick out of watching it; the last time I saw this was back in the 60's or maybe early 70's.

Full version:

Now, I didn't have a birthday cake (didn't want one) and if there was one, it wouldn't have had any candles because that probably would have burned down the house, haha..


donna said...

Dang it! I missed it. Sorry and Happy Belated Birthday, Rickie. I knew it was Saturday and I was ready to hit you on FB, but was out till almost midnight and forgot. Glad you enjoyed your day! What no Disneyland?

Reiko said...

A belated Happy Birthday! And you're a Capricorn which is a great sign. I saw Hot Rods from Hell when I was a kid, too. I don't remember much of the plot but I always liked Dana Andrews. Did you see his film "The Demon"? It's also a great B horror film.