Friday, January 8, 2010

Not Much Going On..

You may have noticed I haven't posted much this week. Well, work has been real busy but also, there's really been nothing worth writing about. Normally I still feel obliged to offer up something, however lame it may be, to fill the void but I figure eh, if I can't think of anything then why write anything?

Let me ask you something - when you are with others and no one is talking, do you feel compelled to be the one to break the silence? Sort of like how you leave the television on when you are home by yourself even if you're not watching it? I used to feel like I should speak up but now if I have nothing to say then I leave it that way.. makes things more efficient, I think.

So how's 2010 treated you so far? Even though I have nothing exciting to tell you yet, I can't complain. I'm glad the weekend is upon us, though. Gotta liven things up!

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