Sunday, January 24, 2010


No usual Costco visit for Saturday morning! I had to take my car to the mechanic for a minor repair. Today we had lunch at Togo's, thinking sandwiches would be healthier than burgers.

Like its competitors, Subway and Quizno's, you stand at the counter while the sandwichista asks for your preferences as he or she assembles the finished product. Julie went first. I had to bite my tongue because as he asked her which condiments she wanted on the sandwich, I could hardly understand anything he was saying. It was like one of those Candid Camera-type bits in which the person at the drive up order window mumbles everything. Even "salt and pepper?" came out muddled.

Luckily I had a different sandwichista. I noticed my sandwich seemed larger than hers even though we ordered the same type - must be because she unknowingly agreed to the mumble, "make your sandwich smaller than your husband's?"

The other day I wrote about that crossover network upgrade that was on its way from Colorado, due, according to UPS tracking, on Friday. Well, the tracking info told me that it was delivered at 10:19 am and left at the front door but there was no package.

I called UPS about that and they gave me the same information that was on the web site. "It was delivered at 10:19 am and left at the front door."

"Yes, but there is nothing there."

Then she went through the routine of telling me sometimes they hide things in the bushes or put it somewhere else to keep it out of sight, but we don't have enough hiding places to make that even a consideration. Besides, with all the stuff I get from UPS, the delivery man in brown is all too aware of which house is mine.

After assuring her that the package was not there, I was told I needed to contact the shipper to initiate a tracer on the package; I couldn't make this request of UPS, the shipper/vendor had to.

Why couldn't they misdeliver a CD or a book or something??? Why this thing I've been so anxiously awaiting??? I wrote to the Ninja and let him know what happened.

This morning our next door neighbor appeared with the box. He discovered it when he got home Friday night but said it was too late to bring it over so he held onto it until Saturday. Whew! What a relief.. I wrote the Ninja again and told him never mind, the package was delivered next door. It must have been a substitute man in brown.

That was the big excitement for Saturday.. at least now my weekend isn't ruined! It was great that the package arrived and the sandwiches at Togo's were not bad at all, despite the difficulty in communication.

Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering what the heck I am talking about with this "crossover network upgrade," you can see a short instructional video that might make it a little clearer by clicking here.

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