Thursday, January 28, 2010


Back in elementary school I had this joke book. I don't remember the title, but I can picture the book - it was hardcover but had lost its jacket, and it was a deep blue color.

It had some of the most stupid, silly jokes I've ever read - sort of like Nancy and Sluggo but in print instead of cartoon form. I don't know why but I was thinking about that book on the way home from work today. Here's some jokes I remember (I can't remember them exactly but well enough):

Moe: Hi Joe!
Joe: Hi Moe! What are you doing these days?
Moe: I sell salt.
Joe: Me too!
Moe: Let's shake!

Girl 1: Hey honey child, how y'all doing?
Girl 2: Where'd you get that southern accent?
Girl 1: From drinking out of Dixie cups!

There were also a lot of jokes featuring old Pop Pennypacker but I can't remember them. I can only remember that name.

Then later on there was another joke book I used to read. This one was a lot thicker. Here is one I can remember from that one:

A man attended his first comedian group luncheon. As he sat there eating, people around the room would call out a number. After they did so, everyone laughed. The new guy observed this for a while and couldn't understand what was going on so he turned to the man next to him and asked for an explanation.

The man next to him said, "Oh, the guys here at this lunch are the world's greatest comedians. They've heard every joke in the book. They've heard them so many times that they just assign numbers to each joke. That way, instead of having to tell the whole thing they can just call out its number."

"Oh," said the new guy, nodding his head. Then he pointed to someone across the room who was still laughing uproariously even though the joke's number had been called out some time ago. "How come he's still laughing? Was it that funny?"

"Him? Oh, he probably never heard that one before."


Anonymous said...

So the new guy says "Hey, let me try". He says "Number four." Not a peep from the crowd.

After a while he asks what happened.

One of the old timers shakes his head and says "Its all in the timing."

Rickie Miyake said...

Haha.. good one..