Sunday, January 31, 2010


All this past week I've been feeling under the weather but for the moment I feel okay so that's why I am writing something before more sinus misery sets in.

My sinuses have been really clogged and causing me headaches and hurting my eyes and gums and in general, causing all sorts of havoc. Yesterday I bought a remedy that I had recently seen on television - Sinus Buster. It sounded promising. I discovered that the key ingredient for this elixir is capsaicin, the compound that gives peppers their hot character. Indeed, squirting this into my nose and inhaling caused my nostrils to burn for a while, though it was tolerable. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work very well.

For whatever reason, right now the sinuses seem fine. I went for a walk this afternoon which seemed to be the best thing to clear them up.

Here's a few odds and ends for you:

First off, according to Eat This Not That, the saltiest dish in America is served at P.F. Chang's:

Second, when we got back to the car after having lunch today, the person next to us had parked their car so close to the passenger-side door that Julie couldn't get in so I had to back out the car for her. That reminded me of someone I know who related how that happened to him when he went to the bank, except it was his (driver's) side that was blocked when he returned to his car.

So his reaction was to completely cover the offending party's car windshield with saliva. He said he spit over the entire windshield, leaving not one untouched piece of glass, then drove off with the satisfaction that this person had gotten their just desserts.

Third: I blogged earlier in the week about the KooKooRoo contest to name their cartoon bird mascot, and how I felt my entry should also have been given a share of the prize. Rather than recount it again, please go back a few days to read the details.

On Monday I received a response from their corporate people. Here is the main part of the message:

We did have more than one winner awarded in our NameTheCluck Contest.
Our decision on selecting the winners was based on choosing those with "singular" names. We did not use "parts" of other nominations.

I sent my response to their response. I pointed out that the winning name was not singular but in fact a first and last name. The rules said nothing about the name having to be singular; my contention is that a reasonable person would be able to discern from my entry, "ClarkeBrisbaneClucksworth" that this was not one long name but in fact a first, middle and last name delimited by the capital letters. Since the winner consisted of more than one name, I felt it only fair that since my entry contained "Clucksworth" and "Roosevelt Clucksworth" was the winning name, I should be given my share of credit for my submission.

Also if you notice, in the e-mail response to me, the name of the contest is written as "NameTheCluck" with no spaces between words. It would seem to me no different than my contest entry of a first, middle and last name, right? Any reasonable person can see that NameTheCluck is not one word, it is three words.

Having heard nothing by Wednesday, I sent a followup message letting them know that so far I had heard not a peep, cluck or kookooroo yet and was wondering how they intended to resolve the matter.

As of right now, I have still heard nothing at all from them. The e-mail response from them was written by their Senior Brand Director, who cc'd their Senior VP of Operations. So I am not dealing with powerless staff people.

It is not really the prize that is the issue here, it is the matter of principle, as well as not receiving a response. Naturally they can disagree with my argument as to why I should not be considered a winner in the contest even though "Clucksworth" was part of my entry, but at least say something instead of being silent about it!

Now, what do you readers think? Do you think I have a valid case to be accorded credit for the winning name, or do you not agree? Please take a moment and vote:

Well, it depends on what sort of response (if any) I receive from their corporate office as well as what the poll results are but my brain isn't being idle right now. I'm contemplating the next step in this real-life Seinfeld episode! I'm not exactly sure what that will be, but let's just say the power of internet media is not to be underestimated. I do promise not to spit on any windshields, however.

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Anonymous said...

First, good to hear that you are doing better.
Second, that's disgusting.
Third, that's chicken.

The Parents Club had a chicken dinner last night with John Semcken at his hotel the Pacific Palms. It was Alumni night and you by all rights should have been there. The entree was what looked like a chicken leg and thigh but was boneless and coated in a brown crumbs. Looked like bacon but was not. Anyway, what a nice guy John Semcken is. He was a USNA ’78 grad married to the first USNA female graduate. They were married for 5 years but only together for 17 months. Maybe being married to a USNA grad was why he was more interested in what Nicole was doing than what Tim was doing. He said that Glee Club experience was very valuable and trained him on how to make presentations even to this day. It also taught him how to sing. You can see him in the kakis singing in Top Gun.

He was the advisor to Top Gun and said that the real Maverick would never be on his knees so they changed the scene. The guy had over an hour of tremendously funny stories but the most amazing was when he said that he would bring the Army Navy Game to the San Gabriel Valley in 2015 and laid out how it was going to happen.