Thursday, January 14, 2010


Well, I am quite swamped with work, so for those folks to whom I owe e-mail replies, my apologies for the delay!

I saw a couple of things on the freeway I thought I would share with you, since this doesn't take too long.

Driving home the other day I was alongside an Original Tommy's Hamburgers truck. On the side they were advertising their most impressive combo: A TRIPLE chili cheesburger, with a side of chili cheese fries, and a 44 ounce drink. Now I can imagine there are actually people who will eat this monstrous concoction, and of course everyone is free to eat what he or she chooses to eat.. but c'mon, that is going too far!

The first time I ever ate a Tommy's burger was back in high school, after a Chicago concert. We went to the original location (at that time the only location) on Beverly and stood in line with the rest of the hungry crowd. Oh man, what a bad case of indigestion that caused! Not good when you are out on a date!! I managed to make it home okay that night but just think how much more damage that huge combo I mentioned above would do..

Okay, sighting number two on the freeway, this one on the way home today. This was another truck with something written on it - this time it was for furniture. I made a mental note to blog about it because I thought it was funny, but when I got home I couldn't quite remember the exact wording. So I googled an approximation and wouldn't you know, someone had posted a picture of it on Twitter. Here it is:

The picture speaks for itself.. I don't know why but for some reason, it brought today's YouTube to mind..

Okay.. back to work..

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Loved the drums.