Monday, January 25, 2010


Back around the end of October my friend Sandy told me about a contest put on by the folks at KooKooRoo Chicken to name their cartoon chicken mascot.

After toying with some names, I couldn't think of anything worthwhile. But later I actually woke up in the middle of the night with a name sticking in my brain: "Clarke Brisbane Clucksworth." That's it, I told myself, that's the name to use for my entry!

And so I did. Well, sort of. When I tried entering the full name in the online entry form, it kept getting rejected and I was presented with an error message saying not to use any spaces or special characters. So I entered it like this: ClarkeBrisbaneClucksworth.

Then I forgot about it.

Sandy sent me a link on Sunday to a press release announcing the winning name. Actually, the winning name was a combination of two entries because the judges felt both were worthy: ROOsevelt Clucksworth.

I looked at that and was thinking, hey, that's the name I submitted! Where's my name in the press release??? Where's my free chicken for a year???

Granted, my entry contained three names that ended up being squashed together since it kept getting rejected when I had spaces between the names. But nevertheless it was there and a reasonable person would have concluded my entry was not one long name but three separate names, a first, middle and last name.

I would also contend that if they could combine two different entries into the winning name, it would have been just as valid to take part of an entry and make it a winner, too.

I sent KooKooRoo a message via their website, explaining what I just explained to you and am now waiting for their response. I will let you know what happens. Now if they don't want to give me credit, I am going to have to play hardball and retain the services of an attorney. Someone that will strike fear into them, like this fellow:


Anonymous said...

Go get them Rickie.

Just egging you on.

Rickie Miyake said...

Oh I intend to! So far I have not received a response to my response to their response. I will blog an update on this shortly.. Yes, so far not a peep or a cluck or a kookooroo from them.