Thursday, December 10, 2009

Utah Eat Report

The snow has stopped, at least for today but the cold weather marches on. This morning it was around 5 degrees, with ice on the windshield that wouldn't come off until the car warmed up.

For lunch we went to a chain that is similar in style to Baja Fresh, Rubio's or Chipotle Grill, except it was MUCH better than all three of them combined. It's called Bajio Mexican Grill. Like the others, they tout the fresh ingredients that they use but unlike the others, the food is actually very tasty and well-portioned. Too bad there aren't any of them back home because I am sure they'd be a hit.

Sorry, no pictures but to visit their web site, click here. I also noticed that their takeout menu has the wrong web address. I had to google them to find the right one! (my link goes to the right one, not the wrong one)

For dinner we went to McGrath's Fish House for the third time this week. It's right next to the hotel and with the near-zero weather out here, that sure comes in handy. Not only that, but the place actually has great food at really reasonable prices for fish. I suspect that's where Red Lobster really films their commercials.

When one of the persons in our trio asked if the restaurant served Coke or Pepsi and was told it was "Pepsi," her smirk let the waiter know that wasn't her beverage of choice but then she ordered one anyway. A few minutes later, he came back with a glass of Coke. She asked where he got that and he said he went to the Texaco on the corner and bought one for her. Now can you believe that kind of service? And we're talking about walking not a short distance in 10 degree weather. Quite different from, "No Coke - Pepsi!"

Something else I noticed. There's an In-N-Out on the way to the training location and they're open for breakfast. I don't know what they serve at 8 in the morning but it sure was crowded in there. On the way back from training I also noticed it wasn't the usual crowded, overflowing place you normally associate with In-N-Out and cars weren't lined up out the driveway and down the street. Maybe because it was so cold? But then why the breakfast crowed? There's also a Five Guys out here which I'd like to try since I've read that they have their fanatical fans same as In-N-Out does.

Orem is a pretty nice town but I still can't wait to get back home!

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