Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too Big to Carry

Yesterday I went and mouthed (typed?) off about how I am going to start writing a story or a book or whatever and today I was thinking, gee, what did I get myself into? I'm like Pat Riley a few years ago after the Lakers won the NBA championship, announcing on national television that they were going to come back the following year and do it again. Afterwards he said he realized what a tremendous burden he placed on everyone.

But heck, Pat shouldn't have felt the least bit stressed about that. Politicians do that kind of stuff all the time and don't give it a second thought!

For people with scruples, however, things are different.

So lets see.. am I gonna tell you that today I sat down and started writing? Well, uh, no, because I had to write this blog entry and also run some month-end reports for work, and, you get the idea.

Am I going to be like a politician? Tell you, read my lips, no new taxes? Or just go the Nike route and do it? I guess time will tell. There's still room tonight to tap away on the keys and that's what I am going to do now.

Several people have been very encouraging (no one has been discouraging.. at least not yet since they haven't seen any results) and I am very thankful for that!

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