Monday, December 28, 2009


Today (Sunday) I received an e-mail from a high school friend who happened to run across this blog and has stayed around to read the updates. It started out, "Hi Brainiac." I don't think she was being sarcastic - for some reason she seems to think I was smart back in high school, a recollection that I attribute to the fading of her gray cells resulting in loss of accurate memory.

In the e-mail she used the word nascent. Hmm.. I had to look that one up in the dictionary! Then she referred to the Heidelberg Principle dealing with quantum physics as well as other things that would logically lead one to conclude she's the real brainiac, not me!

So given all that, what bit of esoterica (is that a word?) was the subject of her e-mail?

My blog entry from a short while ago in which I announced I was going to sit down and write something more than just a blog post.

She asked how that was coming along and also gave me some things to be wary of during my so-far futile attempts at writing something. Honestly, what she wrote was more well-written and interesting than anything I've thought of so far!

Yes, I must admit I have really not managed to get past word number one. Well actually I made some false starts but did not feel enthused enough to continue so I trashed what I had written in search of something that felt more right. I have plenty of ideas but have been unsuccessful in committing them to the page.

How's this for my excuse: I am waiting until January 1 so that I can make writing this book (or whatever it turns out to be) my New Year's Resolution.

That's sort of like when someone declared to me the other day that she and a couple of other people were going to go on a diet February 1 of 2010. In the meantime they figured they had better get their fill of sweets and other goodies with gusto before the lockdown.

Well, I do intend to get my brain in gear and put fingers to the keyboard! That hasn't been forgotten. I watch the below video when I need a reminder of how powerful the brain can be:

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Anonymous said...

I meant Heisenberg, not Heidelberg principle.