Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Reality

I tell you, with the Christmas holiday and all, I was getting rather disoriented as far as what day it was. The day after Christmas didn't seem like it was Saturday to me, but I did remember to get back into the swing of things and make my normal weekly trip to Costco! That helped get me oriented again although it reminded me that this is the weekend and not a permanent respite from work..sigh.

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my Costco purchases so I thought I would return to tradition before the year is over. Here are pictures of all nine items I bought today! When they told me how much it was I thought for sure they made a mistake.. nine items cost THAT much??? But it did..

First off, sorry for the dark picture. Most store-bought tomatoes are all pulpy and cardboardy, except for Costco. These are pretty good when you can't grow your own.

This is a regular staple with us.. nice and mild, and just the right size!

These get chopped up and put into salads.

Haven't gotten these in a while. They were staring at me from the case so I took one out and put it in the cart. So easy to heat up and they are pretty good.

This was a new item. I looked at the back to see how many calories were in it and the other nutritional info, and wasn't horrified so I put it into the cart. I had trouble finding a small size, though (they come in different weights). Just the thing for lazy cooks!

Here is something that has a lot of enemies, but we like them. Did you ever see When Harry Met Sally? Do you remember the married couples that they interview in the movie? I always thought that the woman of the Asian couple they interviewed resembled one of these. If you don't understand what I mean, just watch the movie and then you will.

This is the most nutritious bread they have at Costco. Normally I would buy the Kirkland brand but this one has better stats. It's also more expensive, but what the heck.

These Honeycrisp apples are also the most expensive variety at Costco ($9.99 per dozen) but they are soooo good. Really crunchy and sweet but not cloying, with just the right texture. They look good, too. I hate mushy apples! The thing is, a lot of apple varieties look alike and one time I picked up a carton of Jonagolds thinking they were Honeycrisp. What a mistake.. now I check the labels very carefully.

And item #9, some vino. I had to have the guy do a price check because there was no price label. He said this just came in last week. I'm a Pinot Noir fan.

And that was this week's trip. Now let me ask you, do you like looking at the stuff people buy at the store? Seems boring, but you know, if you posted pictures from your shopping excursion, I think I'd be interested. I guess I am just nosy but I would find it interesting to see what other people buy. That doesn't mean I am walking around at Costco staring into other people's carts, or nosing around when I am waiting in line. But put them up on a web page and I'd probably be looking at them for whatever reason.

Finally, one of my Facebook friends posted a picture of a Christmas present and I thought this was pretty clever, as well as funny:

(it's a pillow)

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