Sunday, December 13, 2009

Back in the SGV

This morning (Saturday) I said farewell to a snowy Utah and arrived in a rainy Southern California. Julie greeted me at the baggage claim area and since this was one of our rare times on the Westside, guess where we went to eat lunch?

I had my usual: two tacos with cheese, a side of rice and a large diet Pepsi. Julie ordered a chicken tamale and declared that the ones you get at Costco are better. I told her no one orders tamales from Tito's. Maybe hers was one of the unsold ones from last year. Or, maybe it came from Costco. She said the salsa that came with it made a positive difference, however, and she also proceeded to put some on her rice and dip her chips in it.

As for my usual Tito's meal, I have to say it was a bit below par because the shell was too crunchy. What I like about their tacos is how the shell is crunchy along the border but as you work your way in, it softens up because of the filling. Well, maybe that isn't a good thing health-wise because that must mean the filling is oily and that's what softens the shell? Regardless, that's how I like mine but this one was crunchy through and through. Maybe I didn't allow enough time for the shell to get soft. Besides, you don't go to Tito's if you are concerned about eating healthy!

I don't know if it was the cloudy weather, but the place was surprisingly uncrowded. We didn't even have to wait in line. Aside from the taco crunch issue, everything was like usual, including the addictive red salsa.

After that, we headed to Costco, this time the one in Alhambra since it was on the way back. Going in the afternoon meant the place was crowded. Today just reinforced the way I feel about that particular warehouse - there are too many irritating, discourteous customers blocking the aisles! Especially the ones grazing and hoarding the free food samples, leaving their cart right in the middle and adding to the congestion!

The lines weren't too long today and so we were able to exit the madhouse fairly quickly and we drove back home. Now I am sitting here in front of the computer, typing this blog with Christmas music playing on the stereo and all is well and back to normal!

Hey, Sunday the 13th is the anniversary of my baptism - 17 years ago. May this be a blessed Christmas season for all of you!

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