Monday, November 30, 2009


Hey just one more day and we're into the last month of 2009! Just one more month to keep those New Year's resolutions!

I'm glad I didn't make any. Or did I? If so, they are long forgotten unless I was dumb enough to post them up in this blog. I'm not even going to check.

Sigh, here it is Sunday as I write this, Monday (or later) as you read this, and the end of a too-short four day weekend. Like it does every year, things are going to accelerate into the holiday season, Christmas coming way too soon, and then it will be all over and we'll be into yet another new year.

Well I have decided.. over the years, many have told me that I should write a story or write a book. I've been telling myself the same, but as of right now have nothing to show for it but a bunch of what I think are interesting ideas and premises but remain at best half-baked. I've decided those folks are right and it is time to cease procrastinating and get going on the keyboard!!! Time to let those fingers run wild.

You're all witnesses - you can hold me accountable.

Overall I like my regular job. At times I am passionate about what goes on in the office. But is it my calling? I'm always talking about how I admire those who follow their passions and greet the new day with enthusiasm; I honestly can't say I am following my own because as much as I may like my job, on Monday I'm looking down the road to Friday.

Yeah, yeah, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you've read it before. No use saying, but this time I'm serious, because I was before, too. So what's going to be the difference? I don't really know, but just stay tuned and see what happens.


donna said...

You got my support. If you need a push or a kick in the okole, you got it. If you need to pick my brain, what is there, you got it. Tomorrow is fast coming for us so you might as well go for it! Good luck, Rickie. I will look forward to the first draft. You are so talented, make money with it!

Rickie Miyake said...

Thanks for your support, Donna! I'll need it.. I'm sure I will be needing a kick or two or many, lol.

donna said...

I have a good drop kick.