Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wednesday Here and Theres

Yes I know it is Thursday but I wrote this on Wednesday.. I'm just behind the times! Today I thought I would write about a few things that came up in my e-mail correspondence with a couple of buddies that I figured I would share with whoever reads this blog. You can read what earth-shattering things I think of to write about.

Where do UPS drivers eat lunch? That question came to mind because I can't remember ever seeing one of those big brown UPS trucks parked at a restaurant or fast food stand, or in line at In-N-Out (would they even fit?). Are they just too busy delivering packages to stop and eat and thus they are munching on a sandwich as they drive?

I've seen mail carriers eating lunch. Sometimes two of them will park their cute little trucks parallel to each other so they can sit and chat from their respective trucks.

But UPS trucks? It seems the only time I see them parked is when the driver is making a delivery. I'm wondering if they brown bag it? If they do, they'd better mark their lunch carefully so it doesn't get lost with all the other parcels.

Moving on (all this stuff is unrelated by the way.. it's just a hodgepodge of what came to mind), do you remember way back in elementary school when it came time to get our shots? We had to stand in a long line outside of the nurses office with ever-increasing anxiety, wondering how much it was going to hurt. I used to hope this was one of those times when we'd get the flavored sugar cube instead of the needle, or whatever the vaccine was that they administered with a toothpick. But then we'd hear the screams of the kids in front of us and know that they weren't screaming because the sugar tasted so good.

Maybe the pain is more intense when you are little because shots don't seem to make much difference to me know, with my old skin. Even back then I don't recall the needle being particularly painful but it was always the buildup from the other kids, especially the drama queens and kings, that had a psychological effect on the rest of us. You know there was always, always at least one crybaby in the bunch, right?

Now the last thing is about parking lots. Are you the type that is always looking for a spot close to the store? Like you will patrol up and down the aisles, hunting for that superior space? Or you actually stop your car and wait to follow someone back to their own car so you can nab their temporary prime real estate?

Or are you the type that parks far away so no one dings your door? (I sure hope you aren't one of those jerks who thinks their car is so special that you take up two spaces for that reason!! And yes, jerk. If you do that, stop reading this blog right now and never come back - same if you park in a handicapped space and are not handicapped!)

Have you noticed that the occupied spaces in a parking lot resemble a bell curve? Towards the middle of the lot, all the spaces are filled and as you go outward away from the store or entrance, the spaces towards the back of the aisle are less occupied (this doesn't apply to a Costco where you can't even find a parking space in the afternoon because they are all filled).

The thing is, in most cases the distance from the edges of the lot to the entrance are really not much longer, if at all, then the distance from the rear of the center aisles to the entrance. But everyone seems to want to park in the middle aisles. If you ask me, for these people who wait around like vultures in the middle aisles looking for those primo spots, why don't you park your car further away and get some exercise???

Haha.. okay, I'm done with my grousing and now return you to wherever you were before.

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