Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Random Thoughts

It seems I haven't talked much about my Saturday morning Costco trips too much like I used to do. I guess because they are fairly routine. Today it was definitely more crowded than normal, what with people doing their Turkey Day stockpiling. The couple in front of me spent $587! Not all on food, though, but they did have quite a bit.

Since we're having work done in both bathrooms I decided it was time to get new showerheads. I bought a couple of Waterpiks, which, after the instant rebate, were $29.99 each. The current Costco coupon book has a Hansgrohe unit for $20 off but even so, the final cost is $59.99. I was looking at both of them and couldn't see any real difference between the two so I bought two of the Water Pik models for the same price as one of the Hansgrohe. I think if something is made in Germany that automatically adds about 200%-300% or more to the price.

Lots of people were busy examining the whole turkeys in the refrigerator case. For the longest time we've just had a boneless turkey breast for T-Day - so much easier to deal with. No bones, no having to make room in the fridge, no having to wait hours to cook it, etc. I guess a lot of other people feel the same way because there were only two breasts left in the case.

So this morning I was wondering why we don't have scales or GPS units that are more personable. There are talking scales that announce your weight (or at least I think there are.. though they probably wouldn't be very popular at a doctor's office where everyone else could hear them) and of course GPS units talk to you to tell you where to turn. But that's about all they do. They don't interject any editorials and I was thinking that might liven things up if they did so.

For example, a scale could blurt out "Hey get off, you're hurting me!!" Or, "Just one at a time, please" or some other insult like that. Or you could program in your desired target diet weight and then the scale could offer encouraging news each day, such as, "You're almost there," or, "You've come a long way, baby!"

And GPS units, instead of politely announcing that it is "recalculating" if you happen to deviate from its instructions, could be a little more forceful. Like, "Say, didn't I just tell you to turn back there? What's your problem??" Or, "Oh, you did NOT do what I think you just did. Get your car turned around right now, fool!"

Or maybe for GPS' that aren't entirely accurate, they could offer an apology. "Oops, my bad. I think you were supposed to turn left 15 miles ago."

And as the cost of GPS technology increases, they may have to outsource various aspects so in the near future don't be surprised if the voice has an Indian accent when it gives you directions.

I am still waiting for the HAL 9000 GPS. It tells you to turn the wrong way on a one-way street or go through red lights.

Finally, I think there can be room for mystery with these devices. You ask it a question, such as, "Am I ever going to lose those 20 pounds?" for the scale, or for the GPS, "Are we going to arrive at our destination on time?" And it can reply with answers such as, "Signs point to yes," or, "Reply hazy, try again," or, "Outlook not so good."


Anonymous said...

I got the Hansgrobe Raindance showerhead a few years ago. Nothing wrong with it and for some reason its in the garage instead of the metal recycling bin. I replaced it with the Costco two shower head unit that shuts off while lathering up. Works great. I have a story about a Teledyne shower head. I won one at a Teledyne Christmas party as a door prize. I installed it that night and was trying it out that evening even though I had about 3 guys and my live in over. I enjoyed the shower for about two minutes and the thing literally blew on me. The head comes off and the metal hose starts whipping me. I'm right handed and I turn off the cold only to be whipped with a hot hose now. I scream and everyone comes running. At least it was not really cold water. Now that would have been really embarrassing. After the holidays I call Teledyne and they say I am SOL because I don't have a receipt. Do I hold a grudge? I passed a Teledyne branch yesterday on my bike and I told everyone I was riding with that they suck.

The boy's GPS voice is Jenny the sheila from Australia. I once selected Japanese and completely screwed up the system. Seriously, after changing it back to English, NO ONE could remove the Japanese characters from the screen. No more changing the voice for me.

Rickie Miyake said...

Now that's a funny story about the Teledyne! But then why would you be taking a shower when your buddies are over?? Costco had both the Water Pik and Hansgrobe on display so I looked at both of them and was kind of surprised because I expected the Hansgrobe to feel more solid or sturdy but it didn't feel much different from the Water Pik. It didn't seem like it was made of real metal, so that is one reason I passed on it. For what seemed like the same construction I went with the lower price.

Who is "Jenny the sheila?"