Sunday, November 15, 2009


As I mentioned the other day, we took a brief jaunt up north. Just a couple of days but it was nice to get away - Thursday we went to San Luis Obispo, and Friday to Santa Barbara.

Along with the tradition of stopping at In-N-Out at least once during our time away, we also have a tradition of stopping at whatever Costco and WalMart stores we encounter on our journey. Costco for me and WalMart for Julie. I won, having 4 Costcos (SLO, Santa Maria, Goleta and Oxnard), while there were 3 WalMarts (Arroyo Grande, Santa Maria and Oxnard).

WalMart pretty much bores me unless there is something specific I need, so I'll leave it at that, but I am always eager to check out different Costco stores because there is always something just a bit different as you go from one to another. They are sort of like the Gumpian box of chocolates.

Now, we did other stuff besides go to those two stores! We had some good food, too. Based on Katie's recommendation as well as reading a bunch of glowing reviews on the 'net, we had our Friday evening dinner in Santa Barbara at The Palace Grill. Cajun food. Here's some pictures for you:

They start you out with a basket of delicious muffins, all different.

We split a Cajun Caesar salad, which turned out to be very tasty. Excuse the quality of the photo - the flash was too bright. I took one without a flash too, but that one makes it look like the salad was orange.

I always forget to snap a picture of the dish before it is in the process of being consumed. Julie had Chicken Choupitoulas (the helpful menu lets you know that it is pronounced, "Choupitoulas," in case you aren't sure). Delish.

Since Julie insisted I try some of her chicken, I ate that first before digging into the Jambalaya so that's why my dish is still intact for the picture. This was delish, too.

Here we are, all filled up after dinner, me looking stupid with that camera bag around my neck. This is one place well worth visiting if you're ever up Santa Barbara way.

And that was our little getaway..

Today's YouTube has nothing to do with the rest of the blog post but I thought it was funny so here it is.

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