Monday, November 9, 2009


This is gonna be one of those rambling philosophical esoteric blog posts so be forewarned.

I was thinking about dimensions the other day and beyond the four that we know now (I am not including the fifth dimension of the Twilight Zone.. sorry), if we were to conceive of a fifth dimension, just what would that be like?

The way I see it, dimensions are "enablers."

What do I mean by that?

Well for example, the first dimension is a line, or length. You have points on a line but the problem is, they are all on a line and are stuck there. If you are a point on the right of another point, you have no choice but to remain on the right forever because you can't get around your neighbor to the left. There's only one dimension.

When you add a second dimension, width, then that enables you to get around to the other side. You are still flat, though, in a plane.

Adding a third dimension, height, now enables you to go above or below another point, whereas in two dimensions you could only go around it on the same plane.

But still, the problem is that no two points can occupy the same point. Pretty soon you run into that traffic jam again. That's where time enters the picture. As time marches on, points can move around and while no two points can occupy the same point at the same time, they can do so at different times. But that means there has to be such a thing as time to enable this to happen.

Now someone who is really scientific can step in here and tell me I don't know what the heck I am talking about and this is all mindless babble, which well it might be but being the layman I am, this is what I sat around pondering the other day.

So now, we have the four dimensions, which act to enable one another. What I thought of is that a fifth dimension would then have to enable more than one thing to occupy the same point at the same time. Or, to enable one thing to occupy more tnan one point at the same time, or at different times simultaneously (which is a conundrum because how can things at two different points in time be simultaneous?.. but that is something a fifth dimension would simply be as "given").

We take the four dimensions for granted. That's just the way it is and that's how we naturally view and experience the world. To add a fifth dimension like I just mentioned above, would require a whole new perspective on our part. But to another group of beings whose world was constructed in five dimensions, all five would seem commonplace and taken for granted; it would be the natural way they view the world. We can't fathom or comprehend it (or at least I can't).

On the other hand, consider a group of beings whose world only consists of three dimensions. They can't fathom the concept of time. How can that be? Time just naturally goes by - just keeps marching on. For us, that is. But that's a construct we can understand because we live in it. If you didn't live in it, could you really imagine it?

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