Sunday, November 8, 2009

Caloric Excess

One thing I lament about living in the SGV is the lack of really good BBQ. I don't eat it that much because it isn't the healthiest thing to consume, but the problem is, when the craving strikes, it is hard to satisfy when you live in this part of town.

We had found good BBQ (along with the world's best fried chicken, Golden Bird) at Porky's in Inglewood, but alas some months ago they packed up and moved. To Long Beach, I think. Going all the way to Inglewood was bad enough but Long Beach? Forget it. Phillips, that occupies the old Leo's hut on Crenshaw and Adams is good but they are encased in armor and there's really no place to sit down over there except on the floor.

Out this way there's places like Tony Roma's or Robins or Gus', but none of them has what I call the REAL stuff. Then you have other places that aren't even worth mentioning because their ribs seem like they are boiled and then sauce is thrown on top after putting them on your plate.

But today, the highlight of the day wasn't going to Costco.. it was usurped by finding a GREAT place for BBQ not too far from home!

It's called Perdue's BBQ, located in Pasadena near the corner of Los Robles and Orange Grove. They serve the real thing.

We got there around 6:00. It's a hodge-podge of a room; the front area has about 6 wood tables covered with vinyl tablecloths, all different sizes and not the least symmetrical. There's an antique sewing machine (and I mean antique) along with an old stove and other relics scattered around, a television that was showing the USC game, music is playing via some pro monitors, and the walls are covered with all kinds of pictures and artifacts. Then in the middle of the space is the counter at which to order and a large area of just plain floor. The kitchen is behind the counter. Then the rear of the space is for the bathrooms. You order at the counter and they bring you the food.

Julie ordered the brisket of beef sandwich. I ordered the baby back ribs dinner.

The sandwich came with lots of tender beef piled on a kaiser roll, bbq sauce on the side, and she also ordered a side of greens (collard and cabbage).

The baby back ribs came with two sides; I chose mac and cheese, and the greens. It also came with two big pieces of Texas toast (I guess Texas toast has to be big) and mild sauce on the side. I'd read the hot sauce was very hot so we went with mild. You want to be able to taste the rest of the food!

Normally Julie eats half of the dinner and takes the other half home but this time nothing remained. I had a sample of the beef and it was lean and tender.

The baby backs were great. There were I think 7 really meaty ribs. They were also fall-off-the-bone tender and you could tell these had been smoked for a long time. The sauce had a nice smoky flavor to it and just the right amount of sweetness. The mac cheese was done just right - plenty of cheese with just the right amount of crusting. Actually it was so cheesy I couldn't finish all of it because it was so rich. The greens were good - they had a slight kick to them. The toast must have been cholesterol city but it was delish.

The young lady that helped us was very friendly and service was great. The place was only half full but it has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Portions were quite generous and at $12.95 for the baby backs and $6.25 for the sandwich, well worth the money, too.

Finally, a place in the area that has wonderful BBQ!!! It isn't the kind of place you can go that often, though, out of consideration for your body; but when you want to splurge, it is so good to know they are there.

Highly recommended.. for those of you for whom Perdue's is too far away.. well, sorry! It was so good I just had to write about it.

Where's the pictures, you ask? Well I forgot to take the camera..I could have taken one with the cell phone but they always seem to come out fuzzy when I use it, plus they made a mistake and packed our order as if to go so it wasn't the most picturesque dinner anyway. But instead of a YouTube, you can see a video of the place (accompanied by good gospel music) by clicking here. Unfortunately for some reason they didn't film the food, though, just the interior!

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