Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Busy Day

The contractor finished the work on the two bathrooms today (Tuesday). In retrospect, I am glad that we didn't have the mold people do any of the work they were originally going to do. After seeing what the inside of the wall looked like, and the work the contractor did, I don't think any mold work was necessary and as I had mentioned before, they didn't seem all that energetic anyway.

The contractor and his assistant, however, did a great job. Very conscientious. They were here on time, worked like crazy, and were very neat, too. Whatever mess they made, they cleaned it up. I really don't know how their charges compare to anyone else because I went by a broker's recommendation plus by experience on the work they did on my parents house. I figure I would rather pay a little more and have peace of mind.

After another busy work day (but at least it was from home today) and after they left, I vacuumed and dusted and cleaned. I also did some rewiring on my audio equipment and dealt with a 90-pound amplifier so needless to say I was kind of tired afterwards! When Julie came home from work I suggested we go out for a bite instead of dealing with making dinner.

We went to El Pollo Loco and used a couple of coupons that came in the paper. When we got our food, Julie said my chicken breast looked smaller than usual. I said that's probably because we used a coupon. She said naw, the people in back making and packing the food don't know if the person used a coupon or not. I said yes they do, the cashier uses the secret coupon wink to alert them to use a smaller portion.

That got me to thinking, do restaurants really dole out different portions or differentiate when a coupon is used versus a regular-priced order? I've always wondered why it is that a coupon will state, "please present this coupon before ordering." Wouldn't that make you think they need to know so that they can mark your order or do the secret coupon wink?

On the other hand, maybe it is because they can't go back and ring in the discount once the order is entered. But still I wonder; some places when you give them the coupon ahead of time they tell you to hang on to it and give it to them later.

That would make for a good Candid Camera episode. When someone uses a coupon, have the cashier yell out, "Coupon Portion!" then deliberately make the order a lot smaller (like give the customer a White Castle-sized burger instead of a normal size, or a pepperoni pizza with only a couple of pepperoni slices on it, or a hot dog with a smoky link). Then see what their reaction is.

Hey, officially it is Wednesday but it is more like Friday today! I love this video:

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