Friday, October 30, 2009

Talk About Slow

Yesterday I received a bill from the L.A. Department of Water and Power. It was for the electricity and water on my parent's house.. or rather, the house that used to be my parents because they don't live there any more and the house was sold back in June.

The same thing happened two months ago, at which time I called and was told to ignore the bill because they did show that I had requested termination of service and the new owners had requested initiation of service. Fine.

Then this new bill comes, which shows the amount from the previous bill as past due PLUS the new charges.

I called the LADWP again and sat there listening to a bunch of inane automated voice choices, none of which helped. Finally I just pressed "0" which I should have done right away instead of being led through their phone maze designed to frustrate people and make them hang up. After pressing "0" I was informed that they were REALLY busy and that I could go to their web site and handle most things that way, or else call back later. I was not about to call back and go through this same laborious process so I just stayed on the line, wondering how long it would take.

It took about a minute or two to speak with a real person (at least I think she was real). So much for being REALLY busy.

The first thing I did was ask her why are you double billing people??

The woman explained that they weren't double billing anyone, and that they do show I canceled the service back in June and the new owners issued a turn on order at the same time.

"So why do you keep billing me?"

"We're behind in our service transfers," was the answer.

"THAT far behind??"

"Yes, we are."

"That's ridiculous. That's pitiful." I laughed. "How far behind are you?"

"About two billing cycles. Each cycle is two months so you see that it should be fixed next time."

"That's really bad. You're that far behind???" I don't think she was very happy talking to me. I told her thanks and I would just throw away the bill and she wished me a very half-hearted nice day.

I don't understand that. What could possibly be so difficult about switching an account at a specific address from one name to another? Especially since some part of their computer does show that the request had been made.

You read in the paper about how there are so many people at the LADWP earning huge salaries.. for what???

I couldn't even find an appropriate YouTube for this.. sorry!

(some advice for Halloween: don't dress up as a financial institution executive.. that could be dangerous)


Anonymous said...

Pssst- The electric meter on our DWP house has not turned in over 15 months.

Rickie Miyake said...

I'm curious - so how do they compute your electricity bill, or haven't they gotten around to issuing one yet? Do they just estimate it? Or is it still going to the previous owners of your house, lol..