Saturday, October 3, 2009

Season 5

This morning I did my usual routine of going to to see the daily Gold Box deal and also to see what they came up with for my "quick picks," products supposedly chosen just for me, offered at an additional discount.

My quick picks selection is hit and miss; some days there's interesting stuff in it and some days I have no idea what made them think I would be even remotely interested in the selection (like putting a Barbara Streisand CD in the mix.. give me a break! I'm still waiting for her to make good on her promise to move out of this country if George W. got elected).

Well today was an absolute hit. There, top and center, staring right at me, was Season 5 of Taxi! That 5th and final season will complete the collection, and I'm elated. It won't be released until December 22 but I wasted no time clicking the "add to cart" button to squirrel away this treasure. Hey, that made my day!

Something else of note: my buddy who prefers to go by "anonymous" posted a link in yesterday's comment section and told me to check it out.

A while ago I had written about Yoko Ohigashi's (nee Yokotake, and first name Jane back when I knew her in high school) appearance on American Gladiator and what amazing shape she was in. Well now there's a short video that provides an additional look at what she's been up to and I have to say I was very happy to see someone from the old 'hood on camera! The original of the below video can be found on the Subway/MSN "Fit to Boom" fitness site right here.

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