Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Yesterday I blogged about how much I can't stand that Cheerios commercial with those two totally unsympathetic, irritating, annoying, unlikable characters.

It made me wonder, what was that ad agency trying to accomplish, and what was General Mills thinking when they ran that commercial? Did they honestly think that it was funny or charming? Or did they know that it was totally irritating and they wanted to cause a reaction among the viewers?

All it did was make me swear off eating Cheerios for the rest of my life. Well, maybe I am in the minority but then who knows.. only a couple of people voted in the poll I left asking for your thoughts about it and one of those votes belonged to me, haha..

There's another commercial that left me wondering what were the people thinking when they decided to put it on the air. Me, I find it hilarious but I do wonder just how effective it was in actually bringing in the customers. Here's three different versions:

For the record, I like Quiznos. Between them and Subway, I'd pick Quiznos every time. Apparently I am the minority opinion, though, because the two that were near our house have closed down. Meanwhile there are several Subways nearby. We even ate at one last weekend for lunch and it wasn't bad; it just isn't as good as Quiznos. Their commercials aren't as good, either!

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