Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Place They Love to Hate

Finally we got some rain today! When I went running this afternoon, it started raining. I didn't laugh, though. Maybe because the rain wasn't frozen.

Okay, you probably didn't get my obtuse reference to Steely Dan.

Sandy sent me a link to an article today because she knows how riled up I get when people start slamming Wal Mart. To read the article, click here.

Why do so many people make a career out of slamming Wal Mart? They go on and on about how the employees are mistreated, about how they use their size to bully their competition as well as beat down their suppliers to get lower prices, and about how they enhance the economy of China more than the U.S.A.

You know, no one forces anyone to work at Wal Mart, to shop at Wal Mart or to sell merchandise to Wal Mart. Last I checked, everyone was free to follow their own volition when it came to Wal Mart. True, their employees, at least the ones on the lower tiers, may not be too handsomely paid or have lots of benefits, but no one forces them to work there. The main complaints seem to be coming from people who don't work there rather than the ones who do.

If you work somewhere and don't like the pay or benefits, then do something about it. If you can't get something better, is that Wal Mart's fault? You should have thought about that when you were goofing off in school and limited your own future by doing so.

As to how Wal Mart uses its size to gain an advantage.. well, I think it is absolutely unfair that we allow USC to have large linemen on their team. It makes it really tough for small guys to compete with them. I think Pete Carroll should use smaller people on the line so that the other team will have a better chance.

Sorry, that's just the way it is.

I forwarded the link to one of my colleagues at work who gets just as riled up as I do when someone mentions Wal Mart. Except she hates them. I've told her the same thing I wrote above but she still insists on being wrong, haha.. Here's what she wrote back to me:

Argh! Why did you have to show this to me! >:o Now I'm all bugged again about Walmart. Thing is people don't realize how much of a strong influence that Walmart has globally. Yes, we don't have to shop there and yes, suppliers/retailers don't have to work with them but in the market, Walmart is mainstream and so everyone is trying to get their edge on and they know they have to do it with Walmart because Walmart absolutely will not drop their purchasing price regardless of how bad the economy so when suppliers materials cost go up, they still can't increase their costs with Walmart because Walmart will just buy elsewhere so they are stuck. And like with Rubbermaid, they were one of the biggest suppliers here in the U.S. which helped the U.S. economy but because Walmart started to offshore this forced Rubbermaid and other similar companies to either go bankcrupt or outsource as well!

All this is good for the Chinese government and Walmart corporate big wigs, no one else.

And my reply to her would still be the same. No one forces anyone to have a relationship with Wal Mart. This is what I wrote back:

Also, let me ask you something.. how can you justify driving around your gas guzzling SUV and complain about Wal Mart? ;-)

This was her reply:

I have 3 kids! And on the weekends its full capacity! >:o Believe me, I'd rather drive something smaller and I hate driving my SUV because not just with gas, its parking that is a pain but that's not my point. I'm not trying to change the world because that is IMPOSSIBLE! I just have a different opinion about Walmart with you! =-O

Well now, what did we do before we had SUV's? At least she's not one of those people out there driving a Hummer and buying carbon offsets (the use of the word "offset" refers to what that does to their liberal guilt).

I guess the real question to ask here is, is this what you do at work all day?? How do we manage to get any work done??


Anonymous said...

I bet the lady with the SUV has the 4 wheel drive version. Ah, its only 1 MPG difference. 1 MPG when you only get 15 on a good day and 12 in the city. If someone were to do the math, they would realize that the 1 mpg parasitic losses represents one third the fuel needed to run a more earth friendly vehicle the same distance. The "momma mobile" will never be used for 4 wheeling anyway. Stupid poser may even think that SUVs are safer. They may survive in a demolition derby, but life is not head on car wrecks at 65 mph. Driving an SUV doubles your chances of dying vs a sedan. The car makers do not want you to know that as they make so much money from SUVs. If people would go to the NTSB site and look at the fatalities per mile for different types of vehicles, they would understand. Destroying the earth means doubling your death rate per mile of travel. Maybe I should not post things like this and just let natural selective forces do its job on gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Sunday we are coming back from the Long Beach Marathon in the minivan. I had a bike in the back that does not fit well in our crossover. As I pass a Starbucks, an Asian driver in an SUV comes out of the drive way trying to beat out a truck driving along to my right. He's accelerating right at my passenger door. Because of the angle, I see it 20 milliseconds before wifey does. Nothing to do but to go hard over to the left, hit the horn and hold and mat the gas pedal and pray for 260 horses all at once. It was impressive. I go through the intersection on the brakes and hard over on the right to not hit on coming traffic. I check and see the Asian driver is in the left turn lane, I coast through the intersection and the guy in the truck pulls up to us on the other side of the limit line, holds steady, looks at us with huge eyes and shakes his head. It could have been very, very bad. The point is that we have a high performance crossover. Its a mini SUV but to make it ok for a liberal to drive, its a hybrid. Its got the power of a V8, about 200KW with an incredible powerband because of a continually variable transmission that takes the gas engine instantly to redline had holds it there while altering the gear ratio. The electric motor also goes full current instantly, the steering is electrically boosted and it has both electronic stability control and traction control. We both agreed right there that if we were in the crossover we would have been struck and hurt very badly having no way to escape the hit. In an SUV we would have been sent tumbling and could have died. SUVs have needless huge wheels simply for looks that represent huge moments of inertia that cannot be easily stopped, started or turned. We escaped injury and insurance headaches by driving a minivan. There's a reason that make and model has the third lowest insurance rates of any car sold in America.

BTW, I love Wallyworld. Its my happy place and I just bought a hundred rounds there today along with some bike chain lube.