Friday, October 23, 2009

No Windows

I pre-ordered Windows 7 and was supposed to receive it today (Thursday), the official release day. That's what the shipping info in Amazon said, too. Here is a screen print of the tracking info:

Notice anything weird about it? It says it departed Sacramento at 2:27 am on October 22, and arrived a minute later in Baldwin Park. Oh, maybe they were sending the files over the internet to be burned to disc in Baldwin Park?

Later on I checked and the package actually arrived in Baldwin Park at 1:49 pm on Thursday afternoon, so there was no way it was going to be delivered that day. Grr..

But before I could send off a complaint e-mail (which would arrive a minute later in Bombay somewhere, even though my package didn't move from Sacramento to Baldwin Park that quickly), this message arrived in my inbox:

So I'm happy! I don't have time to install it anyway but I'll take the ten bucks. That was mighty good of them to be proactive like that.

For today's YouTube I was searching for this old commercial from the '60s, one for shampoo, I think. But I couldn't find it. Do any of you old timers remember it? The lyrics went something like this:

Yesterday they took away my window
But I still see things fly away
Don't.. let them tell you what you can do
Do your own thing, do your own thing, today

Now what that has to do with shampoo I really don't know but I liked the song.

Then there was another one that went like this:

Christopher discovering America
Discovering the whole world, too
And while he's discovering America
America's discovering you..

I don't even remember what that was trying to sell. But I remember the song!

Oh, well. if you don't remember those, you probably remember this one:

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L Walsh said...

The lyrics to that jingle were from a Thom Mcann ad for "Brass on Shoes"