Sunday, October 4, 2009


If you aren't aware, the 70th anniversary edition of the Wizard of Oz was released on both regular DVD and blu ray last Tuesday.

The blu ray edition being sold at Amazon is the "Ultimate Collector's Edition" that includes 4 discs plus a kitchen sink full of memorabilia such as a watch, book, posters and a bunch of other things. I'm surprised they didn't include the ruby slippers, too.

When it was first released on a preorder basis, it was priced at $58.99. Quite a whopping price. I preordered it since I didn't have to pay yet and that tied it up while I made a decision; I could always cancel before the release date.

After mulling it over, during which time the price dropped to a still-steep $51.99, I decided not to buy it and canceled my preorder. My reasoning was, this is an old movie. How much better could the quality be for such an old movie on blu ray versus a regular DVD? Plus, do I really want all those extras? I mainly want to watch the movie, which is one of my favorites. The annual showing on CBS, each March I believe, was a can't-miss event. Those flying monkeys used to scare the heck out of me!

I opted for the regular DVD instead, at a more reasonable $16.99. It arrived on Tuesday. It is sitting here on my desk as I type, unopened.

Meanwhile, I have read some reviews of the blu ray and what a fantastic job they did on the picture and sound. Then I also read that there are several "collector's editions" out there depending on what store you go to - each has a slightly different configuration. Wal-Mart has a basic one-disc blu ray version without all the extras for $19.96. Well heck, I'll just buy that one, I figured. That's all I need.

Then I thought if I do that, I'll have spent about $39, for the regular Amazon version I bought plus the WalMart basic version plus sales tax. For another $13 I could have gotten the big deluxe ultimate collector's version (even though I said I didn't need it).

Today during my regular Costco visit I checked to see what they had. On the shelf sat the ultimate collector's edition for $56.99. Forget that. Later we went to Target, where I heard they had a smaller version of it for $34.99. Those were all gone and all they had was the ultimate collector's version for $64.99. Even worse! (But if you are looking for seasons of SNL, they have the first four on sale for $19.99 each - that's a great deal). Then we went to Wal Mart. They had NOTHING. All sold out.

Now I am thinking I should have just stuck with my original Amazon preorder! After all, it IS the Wizard of Oz, an incomparable classic, and supposedly with a remarkable restoration. Oh, well.. I keep looking at the Amazon product page. Anyone want to buy the regular DVD version? Haha..

Now an even more bonehead thing I did was to decide to sell the shares of AONE I bought last week.

If you don't know what that is, it is the stock symbol for A123 Systems, Inc., a company that makes batteries for electric-powered cars. They just had their initial public offering of stock week before last and I was thinking this is an industry that is really going to take off in the near future as everyone becomes more green-conscious.

So I bought some shares at a price of $18.91. As usually happens, right after I did that the stock started sinking in price. Normally that doesn't concern me too much but the debate I have been having with myself lately is whether to even buy individual stocks at all, or instead buy index fund stocks that were less risky.

As soon as AONE went back up to a price that let me break even after paying commissions, I sold it. Maybe it will go up, maybe it will go down, but the main thing is to not buy individual company stocks, was how I reasoned this. At least I got my money back.

And, as usually happens, as soon as I sold it, the stock took off. It went as high as $26.74 on Friday before closing at $25.77. In other words, it went nearly $8.00 higher than what I had bought it for. That's more than a 40% gain in less than a week. My head was a giant lollipop as I sat there wondering why did I sell it.

Well who knows.. maybe it is a shooting star that's going to wind up crashing down to earth soon and I'll be glad I sold it when I did. Or maybe not.

But between Wizard of Oz and AONE, I am feeling like a bonehead.

Hey listen to the YouTube today.. takes me back to 1972 and hearing Carry On play this at Japanese Deer Park.


donna said...

Hope you get credit for the purchase. Thanks for the info!
I'm So Proud and Spinning Around... good songs.

kmiyake said...

you still need to watch the dark knight

Anonymous said...

Dark Knight was the first blu ray I saw. You always remember your first.